6 Seconds to Oblivian

In the olden days (ten years ago), we were shocked to hear that our resumes were given a 2 minute skim. Then it became 90 seconds.

Today, our resumes are given a 6 second scan by professional recruiters.

How do we know this?

Recently, thirty professional recruiters took part in a 10 week study. The study used an advanced scientific technique called “eye tracking” – which in this case, recorded the eye movements of a professional recruiter as they scanned your resume.

Below, the resume on the right conveys a lot more relevant information in 6 seconds than the one on the left which means it will make it to the ‘consider this candidate’ pile.

The study showed that recruiters spend almost 80% of their time on the following data points:

  1. Name
  2. Current title / organization
  3. Previous title / organization
  4. Previous position start and end dates
  5. Current position start and end dates
  6. Education

To make every second count you must follow a consistent and well structured format and only include the most relevant and telling information about your work history.

Time is the scarce resource today – and so is attention. If you are putting your resume out there, you need to make every second count if you want to get noticed.

Here is the 5 page TheLadders Eye Tracking Recruiter Resume Study