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Career Development & Career Transition Support for People Today!

It's essential to make Career and Personal Development a priority.

In many ways, working and finding work today is very challenging.

It was simple under the old paradigm, best epitomized by Henry Ford, who said "Why is it that every time I ask for a pair of hands, a head comes attached." Yea, Henry said that.

That was the time of assembly lines, mass product pushing and profit maximizing. People were appendages to the machine. Fitted to a Harness. A node on someone else's network. Easily swapped out when necessary. Henry's quip made sense a century ago - but not now.

We spend 50% of our entire lives inside organizations. It can be better. It should be better - after all, this is the place where economic, emotional, individual, group, physical, and intellectual lines all intersect!

Set a New Direction provides critical knowledge and support for individuals that will activate new productive energies in your life and career. The core emphasis is that we must develop self-awareness to fit in and do well in today's organizations.

Our lives and careers are not separate. Neither are they "held in a balance". These days, it's more of a blend - and the challenge is to optimize the blend. Improving the work / life experience requires science - we should use solid 21st century tools and follow best practices. And it requires art. You will want mentoring from someone who is mature and has navigated their own personal / career changes well.

That's what makes Set a New Direction unique! Interested? Contact Set a New Direction.

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A systematic career approach uncovering what makes you tick!

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