Mindset is Biggest Barrier

The world is in major transition right now, mostly due to technology and automation. The social and career challenges are huge. One new reality is the disappearance of the traditional job. A traditional job, as a social construction, lasted a long time, decades if not 100 years or so. It is all very different now [...]

6 Seconds to Oblivian

In the olden days (ten years ago), we were shocked to hear that our resumes were given a 2 minute skim. Then it became 90 seconds. Today, our resumes are given a 6 second scan by professional recruiters. How do we know this? Recently, thirty professional recruiters took part in a 10 week study. The [...]

Your Flow State

What is your Flow State? Flow cannot be sustained through an entire eight-hour workday; rather, under the best of circumstances, flow visits you for a few minutes on several occasions - Martin Seligman We should learn what puts us in a flow state, because that will help us take steps to get more of it [...]

Do you Flow?

Everyone has heard of Flow. The literature on Flow comes primarily from a lifetime of global research by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (pronounced Me-high Chick-sent-me-high). He says: Thirty years of research and 18 books later, I have proved that the most obvious component of happiness is intense concentration. Intense concentration comes when a Challenge is matched by [...]

Permanent Whitewater

The phrase "Permanent White Water" was coined by Peter Vaill. He wrote these thoughts in the early 1990's. Today we know that Permanent Whitewater is an untenable state to live in. This fact accounts for all the fundamentalism, political turmoil and backlash at a global level we experience today. If anything, what we need more [...]

Top Skills Today

We are on our own today. We work for ourselves. Responsibility for one’s career and work life is 100% on the individual. Career Development is your responsibility not the employer's. You must be in the business of investing, inventing and developing yourself. That means: Understanding Yourself Understanding the World These are dynamic times and you must [...]

Not Your Parent’s Workplace

In this day and age, if you're not confused, you're not thinking clearly - Burt Mannis In a weightless, right brained, knowledge economy, people will make their livings from thin air. From their bedroom. On the internet. In their slippers. They will not have traditional "jobs". They will retire in stages. They will produce nothing [...]

83 years old – 2 jobs

Working and finding work today is so different than just a few years ago. So Different. Consider my dad who was born in 1934. He had two jobs in his life: Ontario Provincial Police Officer (OPP) Dow Chemical Security Supervisor Researched the Market? Didn't need to. Openings galore. Researched himself? Not necessary. Slipped into a [...]