About Brad

When I was 3 or 4 my parents used to tie me to a small anchor in the back yard so I wouldn’t get away.

One day, they heard a knock on the back door. “Who could that be”? It was me. I had carried the anchor, to the back door, still tied to it. I wanted in. I naturally see the status quo as a push off point to an improved situation.

Since 2007, I’ve been bringing a well researched, fresh, real-time perspective on how to develop individuals for career in today’s dynamic society. With a suite of tools, my wide personal work experience, and education in Organizational Development, I can help you take advantage of change in your own personal and work life.

Some credentials that help me assist you:

I’ve had my fair share of role under-loads, chaos transitions, identity strippings and other realities of living in a post-industrial, global, fast changing world.

I can cheer you on!

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