83 years old – 2 jobs

Working and finding work today is so different than just a few years ago. So Different.

Consider my dad who was born in 1934.

He had two jobs in his life:

  1. Ontario Provincial Police Officer (OPP)
  2. Dow Chemical Security Supervisor

Researched the Market? Didn’t need to. Openings galore.

Researched himself? Not necessary. Slipped into a harness.

Layoffs? Never heard of such things. Job security was the name of the game.

He applied to an opening – He was hired – He did a good job – He retired. With a full pension and all the benefits. We can’t remotely compare the world of work between the generations.

Today, it’s an essential requirement that we undertake a systematic, careful, methodical approach to understanding ourselves and work. After all, this is not our Parent’s Workplace!